NIPS ’13 Workshop on Crowdsourcing: Theory, Algorithms and Applications



07:30-08:00             Michael Bernstein; Crowd-Powered Systems. [abstract], [slides]

08:05-08:17             Greg Stoddard; Social Status and the Design of Optimal Badges.

08:20-08:32             Chien-Ju Ho; Adaptive Contract Design for Crowdsourcing

08:35-08:45             2 min poster lightning

                                        Hossein Azari Soufiani; Generalized Method-of-Moments for Rank Aggregation

                                        Genevieve Patterson; Bootstrapping Fine-Grained Classifiers: Active Learning with a Crowd in the Loop

                                        Jacob Whitehill ; Exploiting Commonality and Interaction Effects in Crowdsourcing Tasks Using Latent Factor Models

                                        Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru; Bandits with Knapsacks: Dynamic procurement for crowdsourcing

                                        Adish Singla; On Actively Teaching the Crowd to Classify

08:45-09:30             Poster session + Coffee break

09:30-10:00             Evgeniy Gabrilovich; Crowdsourcing knowledge, one billion facts at a time [abstract]

10:05-10:30             Discussion



03:30-04:00             Devavrat Shah; Collaborative Decision Making. [abstract]

04:05-04:35             Arpita Ghosh; Incentive Design for Crowdsourcing: A Game-Theoretic Approach. [abstract], [slides]

04:40-04:52             Afshin Nikzad; Matching Workers Expertise with Tasks: Incentives in Heterogeneous

04:55-05:30             Coffee Break

05:30-06:00             Dengyong Zhou; Algorithmic Crowdsourcing. [slides]

06:05-06:30             Wrap-up discussion.