ICML ’14 Workshop: Crowdsourcing and Human Computing

Workshop in conjunction with ICML 2014, Beijing.


08:30-09:00           Set up of posters around the room

09:00-09:05             Welcome

09:05-09:55             David Parkes; Robust Peer Prediction

09:55-10:30             Spotlight presentations

                                       Jian Li; Optimal PAC Multiple Arm Identification with Applications to Crowdsourcing.

                                       Amos Storkey; Multi-period Trading Prediction Markets with Connections to Machine Learning.

                                       Le Song; Influence Function Learning in Information Diffusion Networks.

10:30-10:40             Coffee break

10:40-11:30             Peng Dai; Intelligent Quality Control for Crowdsourcing

11:40-12:00               Spotlight presentations

                                       Filipe Rodrigues; Gaussian Process Classification and Active Learning with Multiple Annotators.

                                       Naiyan Wang; Ensemble-Based Tracking: Aggregating Crowdsourced Structured Time Series Data.

                                       Dengyong Zhou; Aggregating Ordinal Labels from Crowds by Minimax Conditional Entropy.

12:00-14:00             Lunch break (group lunch at Food Plaza, 5 min walk)

14:00-14:25             Yuchen Zhang; Provably Efficient Algorithm for Crowdsourcing.

14:25-14:40             Nihar B. Shah; On the Impossibility of Convex Inference in Human Computation.

14:40-15:20             Spotlight presentations

                                       Evgueni Smirnov; An Ensemble Approach to Combining Expert Opinions.

                                       Benjamin Drighes; On the Convergence of No-regret Learning in Selfish Routing.

                                       Antti Kangasraasio; Interactive Visualization of Search Intent for Exploratory Information Retrieval.

                                       Adish Singla; Near-Optimally Teaching the Crowd to Classify.

15:20-15:40             Coffee break

15:40-16:05             Besmira Nushi; Quality Assurance and Crowd Access Optimization: Why does diversity matter?

16:05-16:30             Discussion

16:30-17:30             Poster presentations