ICML ’13 Workshop: Machine Learning Meets Crowdsourcing


08:00-08:30             Set up of posters around the room, leave up all day

08:30-08:35             Welcome

08:35-09:10             Jeffrey P. Bigham ; Crowd Agents: Interactive Crowd-Powered Systems in the Real World

09:15-09:50             Yiling Chen ; Financial Incentives and Crowd Work

09:55-10:00             1.5 min poster lightning

                                        Sivan Sabato; Feature Multi-Selection among Subjective Features

                                        Hongwei Li; Error Rate Analysis of Labeling by Crowdsourcing

                                        Vaibhav Rajan; CrowdControl: An online learning approach for optimal task scheduling in a dynamic crowd platform

10:00-10:30             Coffee, poster presentation (10th floor area D, map)

10:30-11:05             Mark Steyvers ; Aggregating Human Judgments in Combinatorial Problems

11:10-11:16             1.5 min poster lightning

                                        Alexey Tarasov; Improving Performance by Re-Rating in the Dynamic Estimation of Rater Reliability

                                        Joel Lehman; Leveraging Human Computation Markets for Interactive Evolution

                                        Xi Chen; Optimistic Knowledge Gradient for Optimal Budget Allocation in Crowdsourcing

                                        Chien-Ju Ho; Adaptive Task Assignment for Crowdsourced Classification

11:16-11:26             Discussion (10 min)

11:26-12:00             Poster Presentation (10th floor area D, map)

12:00-02:00             Lunch

02:00-02:35             Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis ; Rewarding Crowdsourced Workers

02:40-02:50             Adish Singla; Truthful Incentives for Privacy Tradeoff: Mechanisms for Data Gathering in Community Sensing.

02:55-03:05             Jian Peng; Crowdsourcing for structured labeling with applications to protein folding

03:10-03:30             Discussion (20 min)

03:30-04:00             Coffee, Present posters (10th floor area D, map)

04:00-04:35             Edith Law ; Mixed-Expertise Crowdsourcing

04:40-04:50             Michael Wick; Probabilistic Reasoning about Human Edits in Information Integration

04:55-05:30             Wrap-up discussion (35 min)